Youtube Tag generator – How to get the best tags

How is YouTube Tag Generator relevant?

YouTube videos are a great way to amplify your business or brand. However, you need to optimize your videos to reach as many views and subscriptions. In this regard, YouTube SEO is the most reliable and consistent way to get your content to trend organically. In it, tags are an integral part of YouTube SEO. They better describe your video to the YouTube search algorithm. 

Inserting tags on your videos

YouTube tags are just words and phrases put together to give context about your video. They can be entered into the video tags section by typing or pasting them as text. You can add tags to your videos while uploading them or later. 

YouTube allows you to have as many tags as you want. However, the supposed character limit of 400 may serve as the upper limit. YouTubers advise against stuffing your videos with too many tags. The recommended range is 5-8 for almost all videos. 

Generating tags for your videos

Ideally, the target keyword is your first tag. Use the exact, word-for-word term, you are targeting for. The next few tags can be your secondary keywords. The search algorithm seldom scans past the first few tags on your videos. 

Moreover, you can classify tags as either focused or broad tags. Focused tags let YouTube understand the specific topic. For instance ‘Monk who sold his Ferrari book review’ can be your focused tag. Broad tags are something that gives a little context about your video. ‘Success books’, ‘book reviews’ or ‘motivational books’ can be your broad tags. You should be using a mix of focused as well as broad tags to put your content on the map. 

Generating tags manually

You can manually generate YouTube tags in a lot of different ways. Use Google search suggestions or any keyword tool to come up with the first few tags. Earlier, it was even possible to view and analyze YouTube tags in competitor’s videos. Now that, YouTube has disallowed it, you can mimic top videos from seeing the search phrases, they are ranking for. 

Generating tags using tools

Alternatively, you can generate tags using YouTube tag generators like RapidTags. You can enter the YouTube video title to generate tags via such tools. You can copy the tags generated and paste them while uploading the video. The ready to paste format makes life easy for YouTubers. 

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