The most important YouTube ranking factors in 2020

Following the tips in this post about the most important YouTube ranking factors will help you have an easier time to get ranked on YouTube and also on other search engines if your YouTube video gets some traction.

So let’s get started:

1.Video title

Your video title is still one of the most important things, please make sure you included your targeted keyword, you may include even a few, without the keyword on your title you will have a difficult time ranking your video. But at the same time, make sure you pay close attention at your title, because if you just include a keyword in it, it may get you ranked, but your CTR will decrease a lot, so make sure you have an appealing title in order to get more clicks on your video, which by the way CTR is another ranking factor.

2. Video description

Here you have more freedom, usually people include the most important link at the start of the description and also include the most important keywords, but make them look natural, don’t put one keyword after the another separated by a comma, this isn’t 2011.

After writing the top of the description, is very important to write a few hundreds words article about your main keyword on your description, this is not 100% required but it will help you a lot if you are targeting a medium or high competition keyword.

3. Video engagement

This includes views, likes, comments and even dislikes, another important factor is how many people subscribed to your channel after watching that specific video, the more people subscribe the more high quality it’s the video considered by youtube, so at the end of the video make sure you ask people to subscribe to your channel.

Another important thing is watch time, how many minutes did one person in average spent compared to the video length before going to another video. This is another metric that youtube use to check the video quality.

4. Channel authority

If you’ve just started a channel don’t expect to rank higher then an old channel with a lot of subscribers and old videos, even if you have more views, likes and comments than them, you may still rank behind them, because Youtube take into account the channel authority, but don’t worry about that, if you keep posting great content you will get authority on the long run too and then you will rank easier.

5. Social signals

If a video is shared a lot on social media this means that it should be high quality so it must get ranked. But don’t think about creating accounts and sharing your own videos from multiple social media accounts on the same platform, because accounts that are inactive and just share your video won’t count as much as real active accounts. Still you could create a social media profile for your youtube channel and you can share there every time you post a new video, you may even try to start building an audience there.

So there are the most important youtube ranking factors in 2019 after our test, but stay tuned, because we’re working on a new blog post where we will analyses at last 1000 YouTube video so verify that these ranking factors are up to date.

Ranking Youtube videos may be hard in the beginning, but tracking your progress shouldn’t be, so if you want an easy way to track all your youtube video please check this blog post: Youtube rank checker – how to track YouTube videos.






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