How to “steal” traffic from your YouTube competitors

Have you ever asked yourself why YouTube is so additive? 

I’ve asked myself this question when I was watching a video about Django(It’s a web framework made with python) and a few hours later I’ve found myself watch a husky doing funny thing. And that happened without me leaving the YouTube in these hours, just by watching suggestions of videos.
If there was a way to get your video suggested after the top video from Google or YouTube,.
That would be an easy way to get some views to your video without too much work right?
The good this is that this is possible, yes you can rank your video as a suggestion on someone else video.

How to rank your video as a suggestion to your competitor video:

You may ask yourself how is this possible now, it isn’t as complicated as you may think, buy at the same time this is not a method that guarantees that you will be ranked as the top video from video suggestions.
In order to do that, you will have first to find the tags of the video that you intend to be suggested after and also of the video that is suggested right now, find what they have in common and use these tags for your video too. Now after that make sure your title is similar to the video you want to be suggested after. However you shouldn’t copy the title word by word, you may target a slightly different keyword or you may target two and the video you’re trying to rank for may have two keywords also, so you can try to use just one of them.
Also the description is very important here, make sure you target the keyword that is targeted in your competitor video title and also on their description, you may also target keywords from there tags on your description.
If you want to take a few more steps you could go on and analyze a few more suggested videos and their tags, title and description and take the best out of every one of them.
This usually works best if your competitor is a channel that doesn’t have many videos or isn’t well established yet, when you check a video you can look at the suggested videos, are the top 5/top 10 from the same channel? 
If they are, it will be harder to get ranked for that, but not impossible check their tags, title and description maybe they have something in common you could use.
If you think the first video have too much competition you may try to rank your video as a suggestion for the top ranked video as the suggestion of the initial video.
Another important thing here, after you’ve ranked it in the suggestion is how many people click from that video to yours? If a lot of them go from that video to yours, your video rank as a suggestion will go up, so make sure you have a very good and eye caching thumbnail to have an amazing click through rate (CTR).

One of the most important thing when it comes to marketing is:

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