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How to SEO YouTube Video: Simple Tips to Follow - Regirank
How to SEO YouTube Video: Simple Tips to Follow

YouTube, like every other social media platform, is growing at an unimagined rate. Given that, the competition is growing as well. Making a YouTube channel and uploading some videos is not enough to get you the audience anymore. You need to fulfill Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requirements to enhance visibility, increase discoverability, and grow your channel. So in this article I will show you how to seo youtube video.

Whether you are using YouTube for business or entertainment, here’s how to ensure YouTube SEO:

Include a Target Keyword in the File Name

You might not have an idea, but YouTube can read the file name and the entire code as you upload your video to YouTube. Well, there’s your first catch. It is great to include the target keyword in the file name.If your video is about some summer gardening tips, you should rename your file to “summer gardening tips,” followed by its file type instead of uploading your video with the file name “youtube video number 3.mov” etc.

Add Target Keyword in the Title

Every video should include a target keyword in its name or title. This applies to new videos, as well as your old videos. You can always go back and rename your videos.

When a viewer searches on Google, SEO for YouTube videos allows us to display the top 3 videos from YouTube only. This makes sure that when a viewer searches for the exact or relevant keyword, your video appears among the top 3 in search results.

Optimize the Description

By description optimization, we mean two things:

Number 1. You must add a video description.

YouTube allows you to add a 1000 words long video description. While it is totally fine to use the limit, remember that people come to YouTube to watch videos. Also, YouTube displays only 2 to 3 lines of the description, which makes about 100 characters. So, writing that is a must while adding more is a choice.

Number 2. Include CTA, relevant keywords, and hashtags.

For better YouTube optimization, always start the description with a compelling Call to Action(CTA). This makes the viewer interested. In the rest of the description, include relevant keywords, avoid stuffing, though. By the end of the description, include trending hashtags for greater visibility.

Add a Catchy Video Thumbnail

The video thumbnail is what the viewer sees before playing the video. A catchy thumbnail will make your video stand apart on the list. Always use a high-quality and custom thumbnail and make sure it is consistent with your channel’s theme and idea.

As per recent research, 90% of highly visible and discoverable videos have custom thumbnails.

Add Subtitles and Captioning

Subtitles and closed captions gather a huge audience. Even if your video is not understandable to people in other parts of the world, closed captions and subtitles help deliver the information. The best way to do this is by using a supported text transcript (SRT) file.


Following the above tips largely comes handy for YouTube SEO. Also, there are several SEO tools for YouTube. Get the right ones, and you are good to go! Also trackiing your progress along the way is very important when it comes to search engine optimization, for more info about tracking your progress you can check out this blog post: YouTube Rank Checker – How to track YouTube videos

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