How to promote your videos in 2020

Ranking videos in 2020 has become tougher than ever. Nevertheless, the right approach can land your videos right on the top. You either need new set of tools or the know-how to use same tools differently. There is new list of video sharing websites, you need to focus on. You need to add a few twists to your regular techniques that may have helped you in the past. Changing your approach is the only way to make your video promotion work in the new decade. Read this post completely to know the ABC’s of video marketting today. You need to know the ‘new’ basics to stay relevant.

Power of Youtube

Youtube is the largest search engine in the world, only next to google itself. 400 hours of video content is uploaded every minute on this massive platform. Over 1 billion views on mobile every day define the kind of demand that matches the humungous supply. Moreover, unlike social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, you cannot pay your way to the top of Youtube search results. A video can only be promoted based on amassing tons of views and getting ranked organically. Views, subscribers and engagement are the only credible currencies of Youtube.

Target the search engines

Make your SEO strong to rank on SERPS. In fact, Google favor Youtube videos over other search results. Use it to your advantage and promote without paying a dime. Firstly, use the ‘keyword planner’ tool to pick right keywords for your video. It’s a free app that anyone can use. Secondly, use the picked up keywords on the title and preferably at the beginning. Optimize your title and description for it to end on top of SERPs. Thirdly, slot in the primary and secondary keywords in the video description. While you are at optimizing for Google, other search engines are taken care of, as well.

For absolute beginners, here is the detailed process for you. Register an account in Google Keyword Planner website. After you have logged in, you can find out all the relevant keywords and the kind of competition they have, by simply entering relevant tags. Another way to get ideas of popular keywords is to check out the search suggestions on Youtube, when you try to find relevant videos. You can also opt for Youtube targeted keyword planner tools, which provides both app and plugin support. For each and every keyword, you much focus primarily on the search volume. You don’t want to make videos which no one is going to watch.

The shortcuts…

Should you copycat?

Copying someone’s style of video promotion is no sin. Your lack of originality in promotions may stop you from becoming the authority in your niche. Nevertheless, it’s very much possible to cash out on copying such techniques from leading channels in your space. There are tools available that can sniff out the tags, keywords and strategies used by your competitor. You can even track their progress to know the productive hours, ongoing trend and such details. When it’s all about competition, you can unsubscribe to some ethos.

Advertise on social media sites

Advertising on social media sites is very much part of the process. Through social media ads, you can easily reach your niche audience. Amongst the fastest approaches to video promotion, Facebook advertising is right at the top. Promote only the best videos via Facebook ads and draw in the audience. Ask the user to subscribe to your channel for more such videos. Importantly, run targeted ad campaigns to get best value for your money.

Alternatively, if you are popular on social media, share your video links from your accounts. Instead of embedding everything, just post the thumbnail, with link to the video. In addition, you can consider going live during pre-production. Share funny stuff and bloopers with your audience to build a casual community. In addition to prime social media networks, answer questions on Quora along with Youtube channel link. A simple search on Quora will help finding tons of relevant questions for you to answer.

You are your Youtube channel…

Collaborate with other YouTubers

A quick way to promote your channel is by collaborating with other YouTubers. Pick the channels which have content that compliment yours. It’s all about gaining on popularity and reaching to extended audience. For instance, if you are a pet’s channel, you can collaborate with a channel that deals pet supplies. You can have a mention, interviewed or co-create content in the other channel. Alternatively, work together on a video for them and ask them mention your Youtube channel. You can get your channel link in the description. Additionally, they can add Youtube card on their video that links to your channel.

Socially engage as a channel

Engage as a Youtube channel in social media sites. Begin by joining various platforms and groups. Share your knowledge journey together with your audience. In addition, you can start conversations on your own by starting new threads. Target top knowledge sites like twitter, Facebook, Reddit and importantly, Youtube itself. Make best use of the community tab, share valuable information and engage with other channels. Engage with your viewers by dropping in ‘hearts’ and replying to tons of comments on your video. If possible, go live on Youtube on a consistent basis.

Getting subscribers to your channel

Getting subscribers to your channel should be your first priority. There’s a sneaky trick to get tons of subscribers really quick. For this purpose, you need to subscribe to top channels in your niche. Choose channels with at least half a million subscribers. It helps if their videos receive massive engagement in the comments section. Choose to get notifications from their channel. Handpick highly relevant playlists and hit the bell button.

As soon as they upload videos, make your entry into the comments section. Post something like… ‘This is interesting content. I have started a Youtube channel on my own regarding xyz. Follow this link to support my channel’. The key is to race to the comment section as soon as you can. It ensures your comment is more likely stay at the top. Furthermore, the higher the number of likes and replies your comment gets, the more likely it will stay at the top.

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