Product Features

Below is a list of our most beneficial features for your YouTube channel growth.

Track your video rankings without installing anything

Using our platform you won’t have to install anything in order to track your videos, just register an account, select your plan, add your channel, select the videos you want and you will be able to see how your videos are performing in the 2 most popular search engines in the world.

Collect Actionable Data

Instead of guessing for which keywords you should do SEO, using our tool you will know for sure which ones are already ranked and which one you should still work more on.

The only YouTube rank tracker you will ever need

With all the featues listed below, you won’t need anything else to track the growth of your youtube channel.

Load Videos automatically

You can import all the videos from your channel automatically, just by clicking a few buttons.

Load Keywords automatically

After you video is loaded, the tool will load keywords related to the video automatically.

Youtube SERP Checking

Your video search enging ranking position will be checked on the biggest video search engine on the world

Google SERP Checking

Your video search enging ranking position will be checked on the biggest search engine on the world.

Auto Refresh

You don’t have to refresh your ranking manually, the app will refresh them ever 24h.

Track your competitors

You can also add your competitors channels and see for which keywords they rank.

View Previous Rankings

After you’ve added your video, you will be able to see the history of how your video performs in the SERP everyday.

Overall Overview of all videos

On the main dashboard you will be able to see an overall status for all the videos you’ve added.

Download the Ranking History

Download the graph with history for each video, so if you’re taking a client channel you can show them the results.

Scrape videos with a few clicks

All your videos are just a few clicks away, instead of entering them manually, you can use our tool to auto scrape them.

You can get all your videos and related keywords just by adding the link to your channel.

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