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Did you know that 90% of your potential super fans may never find you?

Seach engine optimization is important. However it’s very hard to know if you’re going on the right direction. Using RegiRank you can find keywords related to your videos in seconds. Start tracking their position on Google and YouTube in minutes.

How this works in 1 minute

Meet Tim

Like you, Tim is a YouTuber. Watch the video below to see how Tim saves a lot of time every day when checking his video ranks on Google and YouTube.

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You don’t want to invest before testing the service? We understand you, this is why we’re offering a free plan. You can sign up for free and track up to 10 keywords. No credit card required.

See ranking position with a few clicks

You’re a few clicks away from being able to check all your video rankings. By clicking a few buttons you can add all your videos. After that, you will be able to check ranking position Google and YouTube.

Check your progress anywhere anytime.

This is a web-based app, so you won’t need proxies or anything else check your ranking. You can log in on your Web Dashboard using a computer or a mobile phone. And you will be able to see your rankings even when you’re on the go.

Load your videos automatically

You have to enter your channel link, we will take care of scraping the videos.

YouTube and Google

Check your search engine ranking position on YouTube and Google, every 24h. Manual refresh is available on demand.

Unlimited History

Do you have an active subscription? Then you can view how your video search engine rankings are evolving over time.

Checking YouTube rankings shouldn’t be hard.

Start using our platform today and invest your time in something more productive. By investing in Regirank you can see how videos are performing. By default, we support the 2 most popular search engines in the world.

Not convinced yet?

Are you afroid of losing money or even time on this? No worries, you can get started for free and it takes 1 minute to start tracking your ranks. So there is no risk, you won’t even lose your time.